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What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is the holistic approach to caring for a building. It’s a concept that focuses on creating the safest, healthiest and best performing indoor environment meeting the specific needs of building owners, managers and occupants.

Bio promotes Green Cleaning as an approach to janitorial services that offers better environmental performance and improved worker health and safety, while retaining the same sanitation quality as traditional, more chemical-intensive methods. When correctly employed, no clean power is sacrificed through green cleaning practices.” The Green Cleaning Pollution Preventer Calculator.

Green Seal

Green SealBio Janitorial Service is commitment to providing our customer with not only Certified Green Cleaning Products (Green Seal GS-37) but services as well. Therefore we conform to Green Seal GS-42 Environmental Standards for Cleaning Services.

Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services (GS-42) is the cleaning standard which establishes requirements for cleaning service providers, including in-house and external cleaning services, to create a green cleaning program that protects human health and the environment.

For the purposes of this Standard, green cleaning encompasses all indoor activities typically required to clean commercial, public, and industrial buildings. Maintenance of exterior areas such as parking lots, grounds, or picnic areas is excluded from the Standard, with the exception of areas directly outside building entryways. This Standard does not cover residential buildings.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization devoted to environmental standard setting, product certification, and public education. Green Seal’s mission is to work towards environmental sustainability by identifying and promoting environmentally responsible products, purchasing, and production.

The intent of Green Seal’s environmental requirements is to reduce, to the extent technologically and economically feasible, the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, use and disposal of products. Set on a category-by-category basis, Environmental Standards focus on significant opportunities to reduce a product’s environmental impact.

Benefits of using Bio Janitorial Service Inc with our Green Cleaning Program

Property/Facility Managers and Building Owners recognize that a property with excellent indoor environmental quality earns a huge marketing advantage. Using it to your advantage is just good business.

  • Reduced toxin means fewer adverse reactions for employees
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer doctors appointments
  • Lower health care premiums
  • Reduced toxins make a more pleasant work environment
  • Increased marketability over those using traditional methods and products
  • Reduced levels of air born and surface toxin that cause illness
  • Reduced sick days for chemically sensitive employees
  • Healthier work environment
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved employee attitudes/moral
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved employee retention and happy tenants
  • Pride in an environmentally sound decision
  • Cost Savings
  • Energy Savings