Quality Assurance

At Bio Janitorial Service quality service is our mandate and we take it seriously. At Bio Janitorial Service, quality starts with the training we provide our staff and supervisors.

In addition to extensive training on our products, procedures, equipment, and safety, our staff is trained in site-specific procedures that assure each client’s needs are met. Each facility has a permanently assigned cleaning team and supervisor to bring continuity, accountability and consistent excellence.

Some of the other elements that contribute to our cleaning excellence are the following:

  • Highly trained and experienced management and supervision
  • Motivated staff members
  • Time-tested processes and procedures
  • Detailed report system
  • Site defined cleaning specifications
  • Manpower coordination
  • Ongoing product, procedures and safety training
  • Ongoing facility inspections
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Periodic Meetings
  • Innovative approaches to cost savings & improvements

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