Why Choose Bio Janitorial Green Cleaning
For Your School?

Choose Bio Janitorial Green Cleaning program for your Schools because your children deserve a clean, healthy and productive environment in which to learn.

The chart shown below is a representative example of the positive effects of a Green Cleaning for Schools Program meeting the Green Seal Standards.
Bio Janitorial will implement these procedures to achieve these goals. Independent sources whose findings confirm these statistics are too numerous to list but includes the US Environmental Protection Agency, The US Green Building Council, The Healthy Schools Campaign and The Ashkin Group.

Cleaner air = Better health + comfort +performance

Indoor air quality impacts everyone in facilities—from commercial high-rises to university buildings. Bio Janitorial focuses on improving air quality because contaminants are typically at least two to five times worse indoors than outdoors. In a recent school study, implementation of new cleaning procedures, equipment and supplies had the following positive results:

  • Airborne dust inside the building decreased by 52%.
  • Volatile organic chemical (VOC) concentrations decreased by 49%.
  • Bacteria decreased by 40%.
  • Fungi colony-forming units deceased by 61%.

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